Using personal development, health & fitness coaching, we empower over 40’s to create the life they want, ready for later life


Health is Wealth, Movement is Medicine

Are past events hampering your future?

Feeling overwhelmed with the best way to diet & exercise?

Worried your health has taken a back seat for too long?

Do you need someone with experience you can trust to guide you through the challenges of health, fitness & life?

Does your inner-voice express self-doubt making you feel anxious about ever achieving what you really want?

Is life just happening to you, passing you by, but you know it will catch up with you later in life?

How to regain your health after 40, the Dr Me way

It is essential you take responsibility for your life & constantly work on the 4 key pillars of health


It’s so much more than “calories in, calories out”. We are all unique with different histories that influence our relationships with food


Managing the stresses in your life is paramount if you are to maximise your future, you must learn how to balance energy out with energy in


Eliminating self doubt & building confidence so you know that you have what it takes to regain your health is the most important element you need!!!


Movement is medicine! Working on all the elements of your fitness is essential for your longevity, mobility, power, strength and endurance


We guide busy people over the age of 40 to reclaim their health and happiness by showing them a better way to diet, rest, exercise & think, for a resilient mindset.  Let us help you in taking your next few steps that will create a positive outlook to look forward to in later life.

Ben & Ashley

Our Promise to You:

To guide & support you throughout your journey of change

To create a clear path that gets you to where you want to be

We will filter out all the unhelpful info that is out there in the health & fitness industry that until now has wasted your valuble time and energy

Help you to discover your purpose and acquire motivation, clarity and lasor-sharp focus to a more fulfulling, happier life

To never cut corners that bring short term unsustainable results today, in favour of long term personal development that delivers a healthier future in later life

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“Initially I consulted Ashley about weight gain, which was
beginning to cause concerns for my health, but with her help I came to
realise that this was the manifestation of a problem that lay much deeper,
arising from long-standing issues with my family and grief following the
early death of my husband. 

Ashley has been my saviour, it enabled me
to identify and deal with the underlying problem and move forward in a
positive way.

In the past two months, to my amazement, I’ve started to enjoy
going to the gym after 25 years of making New Years’ Resolutions to get fit
and failing ever to get started!  Not only have my fitness and stamina
improved but I’ve lost 15 kg already and feel so much better in every way.
I love the new Me and my wonderful sense of wellbeing, it’s all down to
Ashley and I’ll never be able to thank her enough.”

Our Services For You
We bring together the worlds of personal development, health & fitness for a holistic approach that makes us different from other personal trainers & life coaches

No other personal training & life coaching service in Cambridge can boast our scale of knowledge together with over 20 years committed service delivering results to people just like you.

We establish your vision for what having a healthy body will allow you to accomplish in later life. We then guide you safely & efficiently along your journey. Developing the best way forward for you that integrates a realistic and sustainable fitness plan into your lifestyle is always top of our agenda.

If starting a new healthier way of life was easy, you would have done it by now. Self doubt, lack of belief and the uncertainty of whether you have what it takes to change will continue to hold you back, unless you take action to change these unhelpful thoughts and habits. 

We have the solutions that will enable you to breakthrough what has always held you back. They will be unlocked through our coaching sessions leaving you with the tools ready to continue your growth to a happier life.

For you to progress along your health and fitness journey it is essential to regularly recuperate from the stresses you encounter.

Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Reiki are just some of energy building therapies we provide that will enhance your progress, leaving you feeling recharged ready to help yourself and those around you on the next step forward.

Training along side like-minded individuals collectively enhances your results within our non-judgemental and supportive environment.

Our woman’s only classes provide a safe environment that are adjustable to your level of fitness. We ensure our classes include the essentials you need to progress the quality of your movement that not only brings results today but that piece of mind in latter life.

How it works - 3 simple steps to get started


Contact us to see if you are eligible for our complimentary strategy session. During this session we can take a closer look at your goals, as well as identifing any areas that have held you back in the past.


We then customise your strategy which clearly maps out a path to where you want to be. The choice is then entirely yours to whether you feel that our services are the right fit for you. If not, we will happily advise you to towards an alternative path with sincere best wishes. If we are, then the journey begins!


We help you to execute your plan so that you can begin to utilise your results. You can see the many testimonials of past people just like you who we have guided to a healthier and happier way of life.

And by working on your own personal development you can be assured that you will also be positive influence to those close to you. Family, friends, collegues, etc will all be intrigued and fascinated to how you turned your life around.

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We share with you our strategies that will enhance your life.
I promise I will only pass on value that I’ve acquired from over two successful decades of coaching.

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Tim Gosling

"I owe so much to Ben's focus, perseverance and dedication in training me through this incredibly tough time”

Charlotte Holmes

"He has invested time to understand me and my objectives and he has patiently driven me to levels that are now comfortable and rewarding to which I would not have aspired without his guidance and support”

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Co Founder Dr.Me

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